Why I want Windows Vista

Well for beginners it looks a heck of a lot prettier. Yeah, yeah thats not nearly enough. Lots of things look pretty and flop. The real reason that I want Vista? Because over the last year or so we’ve seen several things come from Microsoft. Most importantly we’ve seen MS actually start accepting that there are other software’s out there and they might have better aspects than MS’s software. Up until now, Microsoft has taken the stance that if they didn’t innovate it, it doesn’t belong in their software. Times have changed.
Now when you start talking about Windows the immediate competitor(s) are Linux and now with the mactel computers, Apple. Both are completely seperate operating systems and both have some excellent aspects to them. I don’t have a lot of experience with Apple’s OS, but I have a fair amount of experience with Linux and the thing I like most about Linux is that I can install things or uninstall things without having to restart my pc. Supposedly, Vista has this functionallity now. What else? Apple has transparent windows. So does Linux(with the right GUI). Guess what? Vista will too.

What I see Microsoft doing, with Windows and a lot of their other products is taking some of the most asked for aspects of their competitors software and actually implementing it. They are using their market share combined with this to steady the boat. A boat that has seen the waves of Firefox and the MacTel news rock the boat. Some have predicted that the mactel news especially is going to reduce MS’s market share. Not much if any at all. The first thing that will happen with Apple is that now that they are using the intel boards and processors, they become mainstream. And being mainstream often makes a person a target for malicious code. Don’t be surprised if you see Apple release updates as often as Microsoft now.

Read Scoble’s post and see the Vista video’s on Mano’s Blog.

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  1. What you describe isn’t innovation, friend.

  2. RE: MacTel

    The Apple experience isn’t any different now they have changed from PowerPC to Intel.

    It’s still a Mac. It’s not going to magically have all this new software appear (not that it needs any (other than most games!), there’s nothing your Win box can do that my Mac can’t). Linux didn’t magically become main stream because it is x86. What makes you think Mac’s will? Once you can dual boot I’m sure there will be more switchers. But any security threats and virus trouble will come from the Windows side of a dual boot, not from OS X.

    As for malicious code suddenly appearing to taunt the platform—Why would it? It’s still only got a 4% market share and it’s still a UNIX. Does Linux have a vast quatity of virii running around causing havoc? Why would Intel Mac?

  3. Thatedeguy says

    Well Fred, in response to your first comment, the direct quote from my post is: “Up until now, Microsoft has taken the stance that if they didn’t innovate it, it doesn’t belong in their software. Times have changed.”

    You’re completely right… that doesn’t describe innovation. Of course, it wasn’t meant to.

    In response to your second comment, I didn’t say that the mac experience had changed. I honestly beleive that the mac market share will grow now that it is on a x86 structure. Neither OSX or Linux have “vast quantities” ov virii running around, but in the last year we have seen a noticible increase in usage of Linux, increasing it’s market share. I suggest you read this http://news.com.com/KDE+flaws+put+Linux%2C+Unix+systems+at+risk/2110-1002_3-6029297.html?tag=nefd.hed

    Even now, exploits are being found and becoming more publicized. It won’t be long before the OSX has the same problems.

  4. Uhm I think that’s it’s all about something that isn’t known.

    OSX, like EVERY other software has security updates. Every, means that even minor softwares will do security updates. The difference is that in one case the media doesn’t talk about it. In other cases, the media does.

    Also: OSX isn’t a “paradise”, regarding security patches. Simply, the patches will be released quite instantly (usually: I don’t know if sometimes happened the opposite) and nobody used them to write malicious code.

    I just think that those are posts of someone that never used a Mac (OSX) everyday, otherwise you’ll understand those simple facts. 😉

  5. Dare I ask … why you don’t want Linux?

    You’re obviously aware of some of the benefits yet it sounds like you’re saying you want Vista because it’s catching up with the competition. If you want eye candy Xgl on Linux puts both OsX and Vista in the back seat. And neither Microsoft nor Apple can ever compete with the open source development model. If you feel that Linux is lacking in something why not throw some cash towards the relevant project or help out instead of contributing to … well .. you know the rant …