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The future of blogging

There has been a bit of conversation recently about the future of blogging.  Or the lack thereof in any case. Paul Di Filippo takes it a bit further and gives us all a good idea of what he foresees after the death knell in his short story ” Brother, Can You Spare a Hyperlink?“.

What if I ran into bloggers?

Ever since the total, irretrievable collapse of the Internet in a chaos of viruses, worms, spam, terrorism and busts by the FBI anti-porn squad, that archaic species of human had become a bigger street menace than mimes, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or panhandlers ever were.

Still, I had some banking business that had to be conducted in person, and I couldn’t put it off much longer. And I hated feeling like a prisoner in my own house, living in fear of the depradations of this class of homeless attention-grabbers.

The truth is that blogging is merely beginning to mature.  The speed with which blogging has grown does tend to show a bit of a leveling, but there is still growth and there will continue to be.

Less than half of those [28.4 million] blogs are still getting posts three months after their creation, and less than 10% — just 2.7 million — are updated at least weekly. That means of Technorati’s blogs, more than 90% are either abandoned or updated too rarely to merit the name — nothing kills reader interest or visits more quickly and thoroughly than a stale blog. 

Blogging will not go away however.  Well, I take that back.  I have to agree with Kent. I see blogging as another way to create and maintain a homepage, just easier.  Homepages as they were in the mid to late 90’s have gone away.  Perhaps blogs will go away when the next big thing comes around.

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On being Slashdotted

Little did I know that when I wrote a post last Friday about an interesting little site of Microsoft’s that I would begin the adventure commonly known as being Slashdotted.


I had read many accounts of the effects of a slashdotting, but this was my first personal slashdot experience. Obviously, the first thing I noticed was a “surge” in my stats. Which is a bit of a lie, cause surge is nowhere near the right word. Tsunami is more like it.


You can see the obvious jump on Friday. Unbelievably, most of that happened after 1 pm Central. As you can also see, the initial rush is the worst. The numbers themselves are somewhat low in comparison to some of the other accounts I’ve heard, but I credit that to the fact that I was nowhere near top billing on that particular article and the weekend had some effect(Also, the stat engine is java based so if a browser has that turned off, it will not show). As you can see, Monday the 27th was slightly better than Sunday. The stat from the 27th is from 5 pm on Monday so there was still some room to grow.

More important to a blogger than website hits are readership stats. I don’t have a graphic of it, but my readership stat on feedburner went from 17 to 63 on friday night. It then dropped into the low/mid 40’s for Saturday and Sunday and is in the low 50’s as of 5pm Monday.

One other important stat from the slashdotting is the increase in linkage. I’ve not got an exact count, but at last count I gained 7 honest links. As a way of comparison, I had a total of 31 links before the slashdot/origami extravaganza. In addition to the added links, I also managed to attain my goal of inclusion into the memeorandum engine. And also let me say this. I live in North Dakota. I do not have the time or money to attend the latest techcrunch party or a blogging dinner with scoble. I live nearly as far from the digital epicenters of the U.S. as one possibly can. If I can get into some of these so called “gated” online venues, there really are no gates. While this has by no means catapulted me into the A-list, I should be up around the S-list now. 😉

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Six versions of Windows?

Microsoft unveiled six versions of Windows Vista yesterday. Yep, six. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6! Do we really need to have six versions of Vista? What happened to the good old Windows where you had two versions? One for Home and one for Business? I suppose that wasn’t very profitable. It is all about the money it seems. Oh and did I mention that there was nothing said about the “N” versions for the european union that don’t have Media Player pre-installed? that would effectively make 12 versions.

Credit to Microsoft for Vista Starter. It’s designed to be very minimalistic and geared towards developing countries. Lord knows why they wouldn’t just want Linux boxes. It’s hard enough for them to find decent computers let alone buy Windows with them. Good idea nonetheless.

I’m interested to see the software matrix in order to really peel apart what comes with which version and so forth. I’d also like to see some pricing. Between this and Origami, does anyone else remember that Apple is supposed to be making announcements tomorrow?

Oh, and before anyone yells at me… I am fully aware that Windows XP Technically has 6 versions.  However they are delinieated by Hardware(i.e. 32bit and 64 bit) whereas Vista is delineated by program differences(i.e. aero not included).

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Missing the forest for the Origami?

There was and continues to be quite a bit of buzz about the Microsoft Origami. Enough to get me a quick trip to slashdot and tech.memeorandum anyways.

By now, anyone that has been following closely enough has seen the video thats available at DigitalKitchen.  Are you impressed with the Origami yet?  Todd isn’t, but I certainly am.  It looks like a very nice step into the mobile pc arena that could sprout some legs in the world. Enough about the Origami though.

What about the rest of the forest.  If you poke around with the digital kitchen website where the origami video resides, there are several other Microsoft videos available.  I found the “future bank” video interesting, but most of all I thought that the other four Microsoft video’s were the most mind catching.  All four are for “concept” devices.  Whoopty Doo you say?  Perhaps.  Perhaps they aren’t even all that spectacular in and of themselves.  But what about the fact that each represents a step into the device market by Microsoft?

Is Microsoft making a leap into the device market?  Has Apple’s success with the iPod made Gates thirsty for some of that profit?  The buzz surrounding the Origami certainly would make it seem like it may turn out to be a good idea.  Take a look at the video for the Microsoft Spot.  Live update watch.  Microsoft Athens.  Multimedia PC.   Microsoft Harmony and Unison?  Interactive, real-time, multi-platform software/devices.  Look out Steve Jobs.  Bill Gates is coming for you again.

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