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Chris Allen wrote an excellent post at Life with Alacrity that he dubbed “On Being an Angel“. It’s a very good post. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he mentions this site. Who says we bloggers don’t have egos? 😉

The post acts as a primer for the differences between Venture Capital and Angel Investing:

All types of venture investment — seed, angel, venture, and institutional alike — carry with it great risks and great rewards. But before we can reinvent venture capital and related venture funding methods like angel capital, we need to understand how it works.

He’s been an Angel Investor for 9 years according to his post and he obviously knows a little about what he’s talking about. It’s definetely worth the read if you ever wanted to learn a little about Venture Capital and Angel Investing. He also has a couple excellent little tidbits at the end as advice for Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Entrepreneurs. Do yourself the favor and read the whole thing through at least once if you have ever had dreams of becoming any of the above.

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