Brrreeeport shirts and Sifry toots Technorati’s horn

If you want to know how powerful you are in the Blogosphere, create a made up word and see how fast you can get it to the top of the technorati search list. While I’m sure that it wasn’t his intention to bloat his ego, Robert Scoble did just that.

Intended as a test to see just how fast and how well the various search engines index terms, [tag]brrreeeport[tag] has turned into a blogsphere phenom. Some enterprising person has even created a “iBrrreeeport” shirt(via Another Voice to join the melee). (UPDATE: I see someone has registered the domain as well.)
Scoble has been giving updates on the progress of his little brrreeeport search engine test. The latest is here. He’s a little mad about how the big search engines are lying about how many results they find. I can’t say that I blame him. My own little test shows that Google finds 12,300 results for the term thatedeguy. I must be more prolific than I thought. Of course, Google only allows me to see 984 of those results.

Taking the cue from Scoble, David Sifry decided to toot on the Technorati horn a little. And he really is mostly right. Technorati is the leader in the blog search venue right now. Course, I’d rather see my links updated more than once a month than see him touting how quickly Technorati picked up a made up word.

Technorati results for brrreeeport

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  1. I agree completely. We’ve got a team of folks working on the link count issue, expect to see improvements this month and next…


  2. thanks for the update Dave!

  3. It is great to hear that issue is being worked on. Technorati really is a great search to use.