EFF sues AT&T over NSA Wiretaps

The EFF, or Electronic Frontier Foundation, has filed a class action lawsuit against AT&T for it’s actions in helping out the NSA with it’s friendly little Bush sponsored Wiretapping Fiasco.

I’ve kept myself from commenting on the NSA Wiretap fiasco to this point, but I’ll venture in a little.  The whole thing sounds a little shady.  I think that Bush did take it to Congress.  I think that Congress chose to ignore that it was going on.  I think that the news agency that broke the story should be sued for releasing security sensitive information.

As to whether it is legal or not…  It’s a very fine line.  Expecting that laws governing wiretaps that were enacted many years ago to keep up with the times and the new technologies without constant updates is rediculous.

We aren’t going to make the Government stop doing things like this.  They will always try and bend the law so that they can do what they want for the “good of the country”.  That said, I feel that if you want to slow down the avenues that they are taking, more lawsuits like the one the EFF has brought upon At&t should come about.  If indeed the wiretaps were without court orders(assuming court orders were needed) and At&t complied with the NSA anyways, they should be held responsible for that action.  It constitutes a major breach of trust between At&t and it’s customers.

EFF news article

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