Escape the z-list LogoI have to thank Robert Scoble for introducing me to I strongly suggest that everyone go and check it out. Basically, you “code” your blog and then it gives you recommended blogs that are coded similarly. I’ve already done so and I found and added at least three new blogs to my reading list on bloglines. An excellent site and a great way to expand your reading horizons. The more blogs that are coded, the better the results get. Give it a try!

In the same post that Scoble introduced me to Blogcode he offended me with a comment that was buried with the rest and seems to have gotten little to no comments yet.

[…] about the fact that the Z list is being kept out of the kingdom by the A list bloggers. I guess by linking to Doc’s blog I’m a gatekeeper and I’m just working to keep the Z list down. Hey, it’s a conspiracy. If we only link to each other you’ll never be able to find any new voices, right?

Sounds a little bit obnoxious to me. Of course he salvaged his reputation with a post he posted a few minutes ago about “Tips for joining the A-List.” Oh, and maybe you’ve heard of his search engine test? Brrreeeport. A previously unused word to see how the blog search engines react and how fast they index. Technorati and GoogleBlog search seem to be in the lead.

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  1. I think Robert was just kidding when he said that. Sometimes his sense of humor is a bit hard to spot, though.

    The blog searches will “always” get to holeshot when it’s picking up on tags and pings. At the end of the month, the search engines will gain a lot more traction.

  2. I think that your probably right Tom. I’m sure it was meant jokingly. Problem is that it came across as condescending. “oohh… look at the little girly girl bloggers and their whining, I’ll make fun of them for sport!”

    Sure there is a lot of whining going around about it, but be a little less condescending about it. I am hoping that the searches pick up soon. It’s been at least 2 weeks since technorati updated my links.

  3. Little girly z-list blogger here, jumping up and down and waving my arms (I’m not a whiner LOL)

    Tried a modified Mae West quote in Mr. A-List’s comments. Scored zero visits from it.

    Must return to lab with Pinky and the Brain to figure out Plan B for World Domination LOL