Gatekeepers, A-list and Second Opinion

I wrote before about Gatekeepers without gates and the discussion continued everywhere. Since I’ve been looking for alternate ways to follow the discussions on the web and really haven’t found much. Memeorandum would be great if it would open up a little. As it stands now, I really think that it only has a base of about 300 blogs. That’s not much considering technorati has a list of 28 million.

One of the biggest problems with Memeorandum is that in order to get included, you need to be linked by one of the people already included. And from the looks of it, it needs to happen repeatedly before you begin to show up. If your curious, I haven’t joined the ranks yet but it is a goal.

While reading my Bloglines feeds this morning, something that Kent Newsome wrote caught my eye. A Proposal: Second Opinion is an amazing idea. I kinda touched on something similar in my previous post, but Kent seems to have been able to give it the wings it needs.

Every now and then, when I’m nosing around Technorati reading about a topic that interests me, I am going to try to find and link to something interesting written by someone I don’t know who doesn’t have a ton of links.

What a brilliant way to start spreading the linkage around. I intend to begin doing the same whenever possible. In fact I’ll start now. Check out Brrreeeport is for losers at Gregword. Another excellent post on the A vs. Z list issue or the lack thereof and ways around it.

So, lets start the pings, trackbacks and links flying. Lets play a little equalizing game. Start looking for a “Second Opinion” link for as many of your posts as possible. Try and pick a blogger with fewer links than you have. If you don’t find one, that’s ok. You don’t have to link to everyone, just the ones who have knowledgeable comments on the topic. If you like the blogger’s style, consider adding him/her to your blogroll. And by all means add the blogger to your feed reader. It’s a great way to keep up on what your other bloggers are saying, and sometimes it just might spur a few posts of your own.

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  1. Thanks for the link! It’s working already!

  2. Yeah, I for one went and visited Greg’s site after seeing your post after checking out the brrreeeport tag on Technorati. Hadn’t heard of blogdigger before. The side effects of this brrreeeport meme are quite interesting. Still, right now I think the primary beneficiaries are A-listers: Scoble for originating and Sifry for propagating the meme (because of Technorati’s tagging feature).