Google Adwords goes Offline

Don’t Panic! Google Adwords is going Offline. As in Offline advertising. Inside Adwords announced a auction on Offline advertising space early yesterday. The list of publications that you can bid on ad space in is really pretty impressive. Computer Shopper, Elle, Car and Driver, and Motor Trend just to name a few.

Recently, we’ve been testing the placement of ads from our AdWords advertisers in select print publications. To help us figure out where and how we can best bring value to print advertising, we’ve experimented with text ads, templated ads, and full page display ads. And now, in the continued spirit of testing, we’re auctioning ad space in well-known magazines. Why? Because we want to better understand our advertisers’ interest in this ad space and see if this type of auction makes sense for print.

Really makes sense for Google to start doing this. The online market is not really nearing saturation, but it is leveling off. The mad rush to get a Adwords and Adsense account is slowing tremendously. And most of the big advertisers already have accounts. Ideally, I think it would be great if this option was integrated right into the Adwords site and you could make a print ad a part of any campaign. I’m fairly certain that if they pass the “testing” phase with this, that’s exactly what will happen.

The nice thing about Google at this stage is that rather than being comfortable with what they have, they keep pushing the boundaries. Some might call that risky, but that is also how a business keeps fresh and continues growth at the rates that Google has. Sure they might stumble, but I think it would be better for them to stumble while exploring new markets like this than to stumble because of market stagnation.

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