Missing the forest for the Origami?

There was and continues to be quite a bit of buzz about the Microsoft Origami. Enough to get me a quick trip to slashdot and tech.memeorandum anyways.

By now, anyone that has been following closely enough has seen the video thats available at DigitalKitchen.  Are you impressed with the Origami yet?  Todd isn’t, but I certainly am.  It looks like a very nice step into the mobile pc arena that could sprout some legs in the world. Enough about the Origami though.

What about the rest of the forest.  If you poke around with the digital kitchen website where the origami video resides, there are several other Microsoft videos available.  I found the “future bank” video interesting, but most of all I thought that the other four Microsoft video’s were the most mind catching.  All four are for “concept” devices.  Whoopty Doo you say?  Perhaps.  Perhaps they aren’t even all that spectacular in and of themselves.  But what about the fact that each represents a step into the device market by Microsoft?

Is Microsoft making a leap into the device market?  Has Apple’s success with the iPod made Gates thirsty for some of that profit?  The buzz surrounding the Origami certainly would make it seem like it may turn out to be a good idea.  Take a look at the video for the Microsoft Spot.  Live update watch.  Microsoft Athens.  Multimedia PC.   Microsoft Harmony and Unison?  Interactive, real-time, multi-platform software/devices.  Look out Steve Jobs.  Bill Gates is coming for you again.

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  1. The Live Update watch isn’t a concept actually. Its a product microsoft released several years ago that totally bombed. See one of the designs here. It’s called Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Objects) technology and operates on an unused portion of the FM band. I’m guessing the coverage never got good enough for it to take off. Compgeeks had them for $30 a couple months ago. More here>


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