On being Slashdotted

Little did I know that when I wrote a post last Friday about an interesting little site of Microsoft’s that I would begin the adventure commonly known as being Slashdotted.


I had read many accounts of the effects of a slashdotting, but this was my first personal slashdot experience. Obviously, the first thing I noticed was a “surge” in my stats. Which is a bit of a lie, cause surge is nowhere near the right word. Tsunami is more like it.


You can see the obvious jump on Friday. Unbelievably, most of that happened after 1 pm Central. As you can also see, the initial rush is the worst. The numbers themselves are somewhat low in comparison to some of the other accounts I’ve heard, but I credit that to the fact that I was nowhere near top billing on that particular article and the weekend had some effect(Also, the stat engine is java based so if a browser has that turned off, it will not show). As you can see, Monday the 27th was slightly better than Sunday. The stat from the 27th is from 5 pm on Monday so there was still some room to grow.

More important to a blogger than website hits are readership stats. I don’t have a graphic of it, but my readership stat on feedburner went from 17 to 63 on friday night. It then dropped into the low/mid 40’s for Saturday and Sunday and is in the low 50’s as of 5pm Monday.

One other important stat from the slashdotting is the increase in linkage. I’ve not got an exact count, but at last count I gained 7 honest links. As a way of comparison, I had a total of 31 links before the slashdot/origami extravaganza. In addition to the added links, I also managed to attain my goal of inclusion into the memeorandum engine. And also let me say this. I live in North Dakota. I do not have the time or money to attend the latest techcrunch party or a blogging dinner with scoble. I live nearly as far from the digital epicenters of the U.S. as one possibly can. If I can get into some of these so called “gated” online venues, there really are no gates. While this has by no means catapulted me into the A-list, I should be up around the S-list now. 😉

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  1. Good work man! I got another couple hundred hits that day from you which is cool as well. I’m always curious to determine the accuracy of stats counters. I would guess yours probably understates the number of slashdot hits due to people disabling java or not having it installed in Linux. I run webalizer on my stats logs for my server which I believe probably overstate hits due to internal traffic from me and from the other blog and site I host for a friend.

    Oh hey. You should install the imagemanager plugin. Its great for uploading images to your blog and is really really easy to use/install. I’ve been using it on mine for a couple weeks without issue. I only mention it because your images aren’t linked the full size version so I had to right-click on goto view image to make it readable.

  2. Thatedeguy says

    Yeah, I’ve heard several times that it causes problems with the no-java set, but in comparison with the native stats package on my host, it rocks. As a side note, my host stats package puts the number for that day at 38,000 requests. Quite a bit different from my 4800 on statcounter.

    Do you happen to have a link for imagemangager? Easier than going lookin on the codex. 😉