Six versions of Windows?

Microsoft unveiled six versions of Windows Vista yesterday. Yep, six. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6! Do we really need to have six versions of Vista? What happened to the good old Windows where you had two versions? One for Home and one for Business? I suppose that wasn’t very profitable. It is all about the money it seems. Oh and did I mention that there was nothing said about the “N” versions for the european union that don’t have Media Player pre-installed? that would effectively make 12 versions.

Credit to Microsoft for Vista Starter. It’s designed to be very minimalistic and geared towards developing countries. Lord knows why they wouldn’t just want Linux boxes. It’s hard enough for them to find decent computers let alone buy Windows with them. Good idea nonetheless.

I’m interested to see the software matrix in order to really peel apart what comes with which version and so forth. I’d also like to see some pricing. Between this and Origami, does anyone else remember that Apple is supposed to be making announcements tomorrow?

Oh, and before anyone yells at me… I am fully aware that Windows XP Technically has 6 versions.  However they are delinieated by Hardware(i.e. 32bit and 64 bit) whereas Vista is delineated by program differences(i.e. aero not included).

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