Still alive and kicking

I am indeed still alive.  I spent the better portion of the long weekend visiting my parents who happen to live 900+ miles away.  Because of the location of both myself and them, flying isn’t a option financiallly so my wife and I drove.  Round about 13 hours straight.  One way.  Lots of fun.  But we’re back safe and sound.

Of course the downside is that I’m extremely tired and extremely backlogged for stuff to read and do and comment on so hopefully there will be a steady string of bits and pieces that will show up here over the remainder of the week.

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  1. Have you guys ever looked into Amtrak (If they run that way)? When compared to the cost of gas for that length of drive they can be cheaper plus you don’t have to drive. But mainly they are more roomy and less sucky then planes by a fair margin.

  2. Yeah, they do roll that direction, but they go to Whitefish which is several hours away. so then you add the rental car into it and it is about the same in expense, possibly shorten the trip some though.