Tagging My Computer?

Josh Teeters has an excellent post on Tagging in an OS and it’s wonderful uses.  I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that.  It’s a brilliant idea.

I haven’t really wanted a feature in an OS for a long while, but I really want this. Instead of digging through folders going “where the hell did I put that report”, I want to be able to click “word documents”, “+reports”, “+sociology”, and open the file I had in mind.

This could work on a network, i.e. in an office. Workers in an office could tag files and folders with relevant keywords; in your ‘Tag Browser’, there could be a local view, and a ‘tags on all network systems’ view. It’d be del.icio.us on a (much) smaller scale.

Any chance of it being implemented in Vista?  I love the idea of a tagged OS to help find all those lost and hard to find documents and other files.  As a sysadmin, it has a solid application in a network setting as well.  Just so long as the tagging follows previously set security settings.

Second Opinion: ALLIED

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