What is Origami?

JP of Designtastesgood.com seems to have scooped Scoble on this. Then it hit Digg. So what is the Origami Project? Why does Microsoft Have the domain registered? Well, if you take the time to read through the digg comments, you will find that Origami is the code-name for a device that was introduced in 2001 at Comdex. Press Releases here and here. NSC Product Page here.

About the size and weight of a small digital camcorder, the National® Geode ‘Origami’ Mobile Communicator is a flexible unit that folds and unfolds to perform eight popular consumer electronics functions in one easy-to-use device.

hmmm… Sounds interesting. Take a look at the site for a quick flash demo. After taking a look myself, I get the feeling that it is most certainly a mobile device of some sort. Why? Lets take a look at what the site tells us.

Do you know what I can do? (Circuitry, speed, networking, etc…)

Depicts connectivity. Speed in connectivity.

Or where I can go? (Clouds, Office Building, Beach, Home, etc…)

Depicts several different “spaces”. Depicts Mobility. Also says “use me anywhere” global reach.

Or how I can change your life? (nothing)

I’ve tried to decide what this phrase is supposed to mean, but really just think it’s a hook. So what is it… A mobile device. I’m guessing that it has email, cell, browser capabilities. Not exactly walking in left field here. What else though? It’s gonna have to be fairly revolutionary for it to unseat anything available.

Are you Ready? I think that it must include RSS. The name infers that it will be able to twist and turn and change functions. Interoperability. I’m thinking of a treo on steroids. And it’s making me excited.

And this picture doesn’t do it justice…

NSC Origami

Keep an eye on the origamiproject website, as it would appear that they will be posting a new flash animation each week leading up to the 3.2.06 unveiling.

UPDATE: Please read my newest post on the subject for updates including a link for video of the real origami.

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  1. Hi: Some more tidbits about it at my Network World blog: http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/4680

  2. Just in case anyone is wondering… I’m leaving Paul’s comment above because he does lend a little bit more to the conversation. Otherwise, I would have marked a comment like that as spam in a heartbeat.

  3. each week leading up to 3-2-06 umm anyone else notice that is next week?
    unless Bill gates has some weird calender that does not sync with the rest of the world there is going to be nothing to update until thursday.

  4. “Or how I can change your life? (nothing)”

    yeah. that probably covers it. ho-hum, another gadget.

  5. Larry Talley says

    Does anyone think it reasonable to cram good voice recognition (e.g. Dragon Naturally Speaking or better) into a package that sized? If it is a phone it already has a good microphone….

    The device that would excite me would include calendaring, IM, email, phone… and would take dictation. “Enter a lunch appointment for next Wednesday at noon at the Diner, send the Diner an email reserving a window booth, and send an invite to the team”.

    That I would be enthusiastic about….

  6. Do you suppose this announcement is connected in some sort of one upmanship to the Feb 28 Apple announcements? I’m not sure which date was staked out first…

  7. I think the issue is the quality of the voice dication and a processor powerful enough to handle the algorithms involved.

  8. Here is a couple of minutes flash marketing video about Origami on the DigitalKitchen (Microsofts Ad Agency for Origami) web site. http://www.d-kitchen.com/launch_center.htm -> Work -> BrandTheatre -> Microsoft Origami. It is pretty much a compact Tablet PC.

  9. origami is the new operating system?


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