Dr. Pepper Ebay Frenzy

Appearantly Dr. Pepper is coming out with another new flavor.  Dr. Pepper Berries & Creme soda will be introduced soon.  As an advertising ploy, Dr. Pepper has teamed up with Ebay to auction off “preview” cases of the soda as well as a Dr. Pepper experience at Ebay Live.

As far as I can tell, the auctions for the “preview” soda are over, but some enterprising folks seem to have picked up where the “preview” auctions left off.  You can currently buy a fridgemate 12 pack of Dr. Pepper Berries & Creme on Ebay for about $12.00.

Ebay Auction Search

I can understand wanting to try the new soda and getting the “preview” special edition cans, but $1 a can?  That seems a little silly.

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