FeedShow steals the show

I was introduced to Feedshow by Steve Rubel this morning via his feed for Micro Persuasion. My normal feed reader has been bloglines for a while now but it does seem to have some sort of error cycle going on with feedreader feeds. That and I’m always on the lookout for something better. And so far, FeedShow is it.

A quick set up and registration process and I was ready. FeedShow let me upload my OPML export file from bloglines which is more than I can say for other readers I have seen. It even kept my folders intact. The interface is clean and easy to use. There is a nifty three-pane layout that gives a list of just the titles on the top right pane and then the feed on the lower right. All that and they’ve made it easier for me to see which feeds have been updated with a simple color tweak.

It’s early yet, I’ve only been using it for about 5 hours, but I do believe that FeedShow is my new feedreader.

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  1. I looked at it, this morning, for a bit, too. I still haven’t seen anything that I like better than SharpReader, though.

    I did notice something that you might have seen, though. They have a “monetize your feed” option, as well. I haven’t heard anything from others, but it looked a little suspisious to me (where’s my tin foil?) Anyway, they have a “RemoteAds” module that allows Google AdSense ads to run in your feed. Here’s my concern:

    FeedShow will then use your Adsense account as well as it’s own…

    They’d want to run “their” ads in “your” feed. Might be good for others, but not me. Come to think of it, I really don’t think this would be good for “others”, either. IMO

  2. Thatedeguy says

    I noticed that after I wrote the review. After digging into it a bit, the ads actually show at the top of the pane and not actually “in” your feed. The way I understood it, the module is merely a way for you to pass your adsense account on to feedshow. For some, like myself, I don’t run ads in my feeds so having a little extra in that pane on feedshow might come in handy if my subsriber base increases in that particular reader.

  3. >tom: …looked a little suspisious to me

    Let’s explain further that monetization feature.
    No ads will be displayed if the publisher doesn’t want it. If the publisher agrees (insert the codes in the feed), FeedShow will display ads, once for the publisher, once for FeedShow.
    I believe that’s fair, or tell me if you think it’s not !
    — Thierry/FeedShow

  4. Thatedeguy says


    Thanks for clarifying that for us. I see it as a bit of a feature. Of course it really only works if a decent amount of people begin using feedshow, which with the publicity and such that it has been receiving could happen.

    I’ve experienced several “errors” with feedshow that I deem to be mostly “beta” errors and Thierry and the feedshow crew have been extremely quick to fix them. I am still happy with the program and recommend it.


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