Forbes list of Billionaires

Forbes released the ranking of the worlds billionaires.  Yep.  Every last one of them.  All 746 of them.  I then proceeded to be sick.  The wealth distribution in our societies is seriously broken.  Don’t get me wrong, I think that most of the people on that list deserve to have more money than I do.  For one reason or another.  But how much is enough?  What will Bill Gates do with 50 Billion dollars?  That’s more than an average person spends in a lifetime. The thing that gets me is that there are people such as myself that live paycheck to paycheck trying to support my family and pay my bills and then there are the Gates of the world who probably haven’t looked at a bill in years.

Somedays, Socialism doesn’t sound so bad.

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  1. Ironically many of these people actually probably don’t deserve their money. Many of them inherited most of their wealth. I would say Bill Gates is probably as close as you’ll get to a self-made billionaire on that list. He also is the worlds largest international donor. He has commited multiple billions of dollars to helping disease and poverty in the poorest nations in the world.

    So yeah, we could be bitter about not making nearly enough to get by on but realize that in 5 years you will be able to demand easily 20k more than you make now in the tech field if you chose to. The people that it really sucks for are the ones who have no climbing earnings potential. If Bill Gates really wanted to help the poor in America he would help fund schools that don’t even have enough money to run their heat over 55 in the winter Yes, they do exist here in the US. I have a friend thats been to some of them during the course of his last job.

    In the meantime we push “no child left behind” which makes me want to never send a child through the public school system. It has increased the cost per student for schools while not increasing their funding a single dime despite what Bush claimed he would do. Thank god they have a rigid set of rules to hold schools accountable for students who have to walk past a crack dealer on the way to school everyday. What a joke…

    Anyways all I’m saying here is that yeah living from paycheck to paycheck sucks (I know exactly what you’re talking about). But at least you have the abilities and knowledge to better your situation.

    PS: I don’t think a single CEO should be paid more than a million dollars. I would say they should be paid less but if we lived in a communist country we wouldn’t even be able to dream about making it big someday.