Google announces purchase of Qwest!

Ok. Not really. But with all the baby bells coming back under the aprons of mama bell it really can’t be too much longer before some of the big information providers will get scared of the tiered internet and start buying the telcos to prevent it. And really, what is $ 67 Billion to these companies? Didn’t Microsoft have something like $35 billion in the bank just before they started paying dividends?

Matthew Ingram brings up the point that “Ed Whitacre of the new AT&T has been singing” [the tune of tiered internet] “for some time now, and this is only going to make him boost the volume“. So, doesn’t it make sense for Google or Yahoo to start picking up the smaller telcos? That would sure give them a little more leverage in the fight against tiered internet. Google already owns a bit of dark fibre, so maybe they already have something planned.

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  1. I wish google would get on this. For that matter Ebay should buy up some of these to protect Skype from these vultures. I can’t believe the SEC approves these buyouts. For christsake what was the point in breaking up AT&T thirty-some years ago so it could eventually form back up into a corporation with triple the market power they did before? I was glad to see that congress called a hearing over this multi-tiered internet debacle. Mark my words… AT&T will fail in this and suffer the greatest financial collapse we’ve witnessed since Enron (Unless of course AOL/Time Warner finally bites it first).

  2. Google should buy Qwest National. Why not they are already fiber owners in the game and buy capacity from Qwest anyway. If Google is going to attack VOIP with any credibility. They need the BIG GUNS!!. Qwest National Network WOULD DEFINATLEY be that BIG GUN!! They would have all the fiber capacity they would ever need and would never have to lease it. Also it would be a show of force to the archaic bells that seem to think that the way the RBOC’s did it and still do it is the norm. they could end up being the hammer that breaks the status quo and bring a serious peridigm shift to the telecommunications world.