I’ve been Megited!

Check it out! I’d like to say that I found it myself, but I can’t. Matthew Chen, who seems to be running the show over there, emailed me and offered to megite (new verb?) my opml reading list.

For the record: this review of Megite was not solicited in any way. In fact, I wish that people would do things more like Matthew did. A polite email asking if I’d like to take part in your product. It’s simple, easy and generally only the people that like your product do reviews.

I’ve played around quite a bit with Megite. The thing that I like the most about Megite? Auto-Discovery. When my OPML list has been uploaded, Megite auto-discovers other blogs/posts that are related to blogs/posts withing my list. These discovered posts are then added into the related area giving me a wider scope of the conversation. This is a step above memeorandum in my opinion as it isn’t as rigid in its discovery.

Initially, the colors and such of megite hurt my eyes but they released a new layout earlier this week and it looks great now. I’d like to see more work on the layout as the text seems a little big, especially on first level titles.

The related stories algorithm seems to need a little work but according to Matthew, they are working on that. He also said that they are currently working on increasing resources which will allow them to fine tune the related stories algorithm, send the auto-discovery deeper, and add features such as opml list editing. Currently the only way to edit my OPML list is to resend it to Megite.

Memeorandum is still the market leader, but Megite is making some strides in areas that will allow it to become a contender. For updates on Megite, visit their blog at megite.blogspot.com

Check out Megite. If you want your own OPML list added, there’s a link in there somewhere with the email to email the list to.

Second Opinion: Lee Wilkins

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  1. Okay, I have to say it if no one else is going to. Why is the top story on Megite about a picture in a college newspaper of a basketball game where they are debating if a players ‘member’ is hanging out or not? And about Hee-man looking like a…

  2. Awesome! Your blog ROCKS! Man… If I was you I would be proud, so you should! Laterz dude….