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If you’ve been here before you will have noticed(or maybe not) the additon of a “Most popular posts” section on the left hand side. I’m giving some real thought to revamping the design of the site again. It will be the third or fourth such revamping in the last 7 months, however with each one the site improves so cross your fingers for this time around.

The appearance of the top10 list on the left(it may move to the right) is a precurser to the possible removal of the related posts plugin. I like the plugin, but it just takes up a lot of vertical room on each post. Room that interupts the flow of the content.

So, lets put it to you the constant reader. Which do you like better? Do you find that the related posts plugin helps you out more or would you rather just see the more popular of my posts? Or perhaps both? Let me know in the comments of this post. I can’t promise that I will do what everybody says, but I will take it into consideration.

UPDATE:  As you can no doubt see, the theme has changed a little. Ok, a lot.  Let me know what you think.  I’ve also gotten rid of the related posts plugin.  Just took up too much room to leave it.   Still trying to decide it there’s a tiche too much red here now or not though.

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  1. I think the related posts plugin seems to provide somewhat irrelevant related posts. Personally I say you should pull it and go the other route.

  2. The inaccuracy of the related posts plugin is the biggest reason that I am thinking about getting rid of it… The only thing it has going for it is the fact that a post doesn’t have to be popular to be on the list, therefore some of the lesser read posts get a little equal billing.

    Perhaps if I reduced the number of related posts it shows that would limit the vertical usage and still accomplish that goal.

  3. Holy re-design, Batman! Looks good.

    Regarding your question: I don’t usually go back to read something in any blog unless it is referenced directly in the post. It isn’t because of a lack of interest, but a severe lack of time on my part. So, keeping or not keeping the related posts (or most popular or whatever) is really up to you. 🙂