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John’s Car

A Short Story:

John pulled his car into the parking lot of the mall. He smiled as he parked next to his friend Bobby’s Camero. John revved the big block engine. The gas pedal yielded itself to the pressure of John’s foot and the engine purred. The sound of the engine made John happy, it was his passion. The sense of pride that he felt from the way people looked at his car was immense. He revved it one more time and then turned the key and the engine stopped.

He and Bobby were good friends and hung out a lot. Everybody knew that Bobby would defend John and vice versa. Neither man was small, and each could hold his own in a fight. The two of them combined had yet to find a man, or men, that could stand against them. It wasn’t that they went around picking fights; the fights had a way of finding them. Most people actually thought them to be a couple of nice guys, just so long as you didn’t fuck with them. If you pissed either one of them off, you had both of them to deal with. They had never fought a fight just for the sake of fighting; it was always in defense of a friend or themselves.

The mall wasn’t much, about thirty or forty stores lined up in two rows that crossed in the middle. Most of the stores were, according to most of the kids who roamed the mall, old person stores. There were the Hallmark’s, Fabric Hut, Wicks ‘n’ Sticks, and stores like them. As on most days, John and Bobby decided to hit the mall after school and see if there were any new cd’s out and to hit the arcade. It was a good way to waist a couple of hours before they had to go to work down at the auto shop.

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Dr. Pepper Ebay Frenzy

Appearantly Dr. Pepper is coming out with another new flavor.  Dr. Pepper Berries & Creme soda will be introduced soon.  As an advertising ploy, Dr. Pepper has teamed up with Ebay to auction off “preview” cases of the soda as well as a Dr. Pepper experience at Ebay Live.

As far as I can tell, the auctions for the “preview” soda are over, but some enterprising folks seem to have picked up where the “preview” auctions left off.  You can currently buy a fridgemate 12 pack of Dr. Pepper Berries & Creme on Ebay for about $12.00.

Ebay Auction Search

I can understand wanting to try the new soda and getting the “preview” special edition cans, but $1 a can?  That seems a little silly.

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Blogging for feedback

Jeneane at ALLIED went on a bit of a rant earlier about you LAZY AGGREGATOR PEOPLE. She makes a very good point. RSS and ATOM have created a very easy way to read other people’s blogs/sites. The problem is that the aggregators that you pull those from make it even easier to never go to the site. Which means that those that only read through their aggregators will never leave any feedback unless you really, really hit a nerve with them.

Those of us that have personal blogs like this one are doomed to have a very limited bit of feedback. Not because we don’t deserve it or don’t want it. But because we just don’t hit the nerve hard enough. Take a look at your favorite political blog(I know you have one, mine is sayanything) and look at the amount of feedback that the author receives. Why? Because politics hits a nerve with everyone. Everyone has an issue with it and there are always two sides. Oh, and everyone always believes they are the ones who are correct.

Jeneane believes that we need to go back to the blogroll system.

What’s the matter with us? We have to get out and WALK the blog neighborhood. Everyone reading this post, please make sure that you have a blogroll. Sure, I can’t tell you what to do, but Blogrolls are the antidote to RSS and aggregators. Bring back our conversation nodes, our watering holes, our double wides. Bring back our summer-time Christmas lights and nativity scenes.

Please. I am not writing posts for you to read; I AM TALKING TO YOU.

I couldn’t agree more, except I’m addicted to my bloglines feeds. The difference is that if I find a post that I like, I open it up on the site. I may not always leave feedback, but in most cases I’ll do a post like this and link it back which is almost as good as direct feedback. So, everyone beef up your blogrolls and help us discover your favorites. Let’s take a look and see who’s talking to us.

Maybe we need to start looking into selective RSS shutoff? A way to shutoff RSS to just one post. Something like a “{RSSoff}{/RSSoff}” tag system. Or a “{RSS}{/RSS}” system to turn it on for the posts we want on. Create a content system that doesn’t give people the ability to not visit once in a while.

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I can’t freaking wait

One of the things that I have admitted eagerly about fatherhood is the ability that it gives me to unabashedly play with toys again. There’s a quote that I heard once (Turns out its Corinthians 13:11) and if you know whom it should be attributed to(Thanks to NG for the find), let me know, but it goes something like: When I was a child I spoke as a child and played with childish things. When I became a man, I spoke as a man and put away all childish things.

Well, I believe that as a father we can add one more line… When I became a father, I spoke as a father, and brought all the childish things back out of the basement. 😉 In the 26 ish years since I was a started out as a child, the toys have really come a long way. Very few trips to the toy section end without me exlaiming something like “would ya look at the stuff they have these days!”.

Chris Anderson of The Long Tail has just bought and is proposing to use it for

a group blog focused on fun science/tech/math/engineering things to do with your kids, ranging from robotics to rocketry. Working motto: “Permission to play with cool toys isn’t the only reason to have kids, but it’s up there.”

Sounds like a lot of fun… I mean it sounds like a very educational avenue to look into for the continuation of our childs education. 😉 The first post over there(minus the initial placeholder) seems to nail down the geekdad motto pretty well…

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