Scoble goes wishy washy

Scoble turned off Memeorandum after deciding that it was a bit too snarky and he could better spend his time reading his rss feeds. Well, Robert, you’re going to have to excuse the snark here, but as Smalltalk said, sometimes it’s about calling BS. And I’m calling you on it.

Not too very long ago, a lot of us had a conversation. That conversation was about the “Closed Blogosphere” and you called it bunk. I even kinda agreed. Since then you have pushed the meme’s like crazy. The most obvious of posts is here, but the list goes on.

You almost get credit with foreshadowing yourself with this post. Except for the ending.

As to Memeorandum. It’s my favorite site and is getting better and better every week. Lots more sources lately and more length too. If that’s stupid, I want more stupid! Bring it on Gabe!

Sounds a little bit different in today’s post:

Sorry Gabe, I’m not gonna look at Memeorandum for at least a week. The Sunday Snark just pushed me over the edge.

Sure, things change. But you can’t have it both ways. In a way, I’m glad you made a change. Publicly no less. But I still have to call you on it. You can’t go about being the champion for some site and all of a sudden call it the center of the snark universe simply because somebody hurt your feelings.

The thing is, the “Sunday Snark” did it because he was trying to get some traffic. Why? Because traffic is nice. But really why? Because there is a section of the blogosphere that is closed. And it exists in places like memeorandum that have fairly restrictive recursive lists. Yes, you can get yourself added. I did. But it doesn’t compare to a place like Megite or tailrank or even technorati who include as much as they possibly can. They don’t add you based upon how many links you have from other’s that are already included in the list.

I wish you the best in your memeorandum fast.

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  1. Actually, I want stuff that I choose. I want to be able to remove people from the list. See, not everyone deserves to be listened to.

  2. Also, no one hurt my feelings. At least not today. The snark I was reacting to was the camp snarks. I wasn’t involved. I didn’t attend. But I just realized that there were a bunch of people who were there to attack other people and I just am tired of it. I’m also addicted to Memeorandum and found I was missing what I loved about RSS. RSS lets me subscribe to people I admire and read them while not being forced to read people who are just there to disrupt.

  3. Thatedeguy says

    I disagree with your first comment. While you may not think everyone deserves to be listened to, I am sure that they think that they deserve to be listened to. In fact, I believe that it is the “elitist” camp(of which I don’t believe you fall) that has created the percieved need for a “snark” to gain the attention they feel that they deserve.

    I honestly, thought that the snark that you were referring to was the snark from last sunday as you said the “sunday snark” but I realize now that you were instead referring to the trend of sunday being the slowest on memeorandum and the snarks getting higher billing because of that.

    I think that you are right to say that RSS gives you what you want, in that it lets you subscribe to people that you admire and read. But I personally feel that consistently reading just the RSS feeds also lends itself to a closing of the scope of the blogosphere. I say that because each of us were beginners at one point. Some such as myself still are. And each of us had/has to find our way into the mainstream. Most all of the people that are in the percieved “A-List” weren’t at one point. Some gained that station based on what they have done and others were “discovered” at one point and through the social nature of the blogosphere, people began reading them. It will take much longer for things like that to evolve and be discovered if we all just read our RSS feeds.

    That’s one reason that I prefer meme’s like Tailrank and Megite over memeorandum. They are wide open.

  4. Sorry to interupt this discussion. But for the sake of not digging through a 9 page wikipedia article about it. What the hell is a snark when refering to a blog? I’m familiar with snarky being used when refering to weird or unusual behavior in a website forums type of environment but I guess I’ve missed out on the blog subculture here.

    PS: I counted 12 snarks on this page including the comments.

  5. Thatedeguy says

    The way I understand it, a snark, when referring to a blog, is a post referring to another persons blog where by you bash the other person. Usually without merit.