Slow day and Ebay

What a horribly slow day it has been today.  It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned much about Ebay and the reason has been that we mostly get our products that we sell from garage sales and it’s only now beginning to be warm enough for garage sales.  There were a total of 3 last weekend.  Whoopppeeee!  Found a few good items, although I haven’t had much for time to post them lately as my wife’s parents managed to find yet another 5 boxes of stuff for us to sell.  Where all of these things were stuck away is beyond me, I’ve been to their house many times and never seen any of it.

In any case, I had just about gotten our inventory down to a managable amount before hand, so now the rush is on to create the listings for all the new stuff so that I can get it back down there again.

Sales have been getting better the last few months.  December was horrible as I found it awfully hard to list things with all the holiday season festivities going on.  March is looking like it will be better yet.

I’ve noticed a slight uptick in the completed sales since redoing my template to include tables and overall to look cleaner.  I would strongly suggest that if you are just beginning and know a little html, that you try this out.  It improves the look and feel of the auction.  And with all the competition out there, it’s best to have any little advantage at all.

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