Technorati: A for concept, F for execution

Hey Dave Sifry! Are you listening? Seems that lately the only way I can get a response from anything living at Technorati is to ping you!

For some reason Technorati decided to drop the claim I had on A Penny Saved… Why? I dunno. Perhaps something to do with the subdomain? I’ve solved similar problems before by just unclaiming and reclaiming, but when I do that, I get a message that the URL is unclaimable. I sent the technorati support an email and in the two weeks since the only thing I’ve gotten that indicates that there is anything behind the green facade is a autoreply email.

Now, I don’t care that it’s taken 2 weeks to fix the problem. Stuff happens and it takes time to fix. The problem I have is that for all the great features and ability of Technorati, I find my self wanting an alternative simply because a response wasn’t made. You see, David, anybody can set up an autoresponder. But it takes a human to tell me that they need more info or that the problem is being worked on. A human connection. That’s what I want.

UPDATE: If you read the very first comment, Dave Sifry replied.  I have to admit, that Dave has single handedly reassured me on many issues I’ve had with technorati.  No other service that I use online has even come close to having someone like Dave.  I honestly can say that if Dave were to leave technorati, I wouldn’t be far behind.

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  1. Sorry about that! We’ve been somewhat swamped lately as the service has been growing. I’m passing your issue to our support team for immediate followup, my apologies for the unresponsiveness.


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