Evidence:Humanity in the blogosphere

I’ve linked several times to Jeneane at ALLIED.  I’ve done so because she is a talented writer and has some great ideas.  Not everything is roses all the time.  Sometimes we have to let a little humanity into our blog lives.  Jeneane let many of her readers in on some of her humanity today.  Like always, it’s brilliantly written and strikes a chord.

A snippet of humanity:

My dad’s headstone is overgrown with grass, clumped around the edges so you might miss his stone altogether, one solid clump of sleeping winter green covering up the cross at the top of the headstone.

I don’t understand. Look around: The Tomaselli’s are so well groomed, and the Fischers. Maybe it’s the family’s job. With all the death and dying, I forgot to learn who manicures the headstone. I think that job has been bought and paid for.

Whatever–I cry.

Best Wishes Jeneane.  Thanks for sharing.

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