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I honestly do not want to talk about how long it took me to read this book.  All the hustle and bustle lately has really cut into my reading time.  I have, however, finally finished it.  I’m going to ask that you put aside who wrote the book for a minute and try and read my review with a open mind.

We all live in a digital world.  Some part of our life at home, work and at play is touched by technology.  Business @ the speed of thought centers itself on the work aspects but some of the lessons do spill over.

Even though the book was published in 1999, many of the topics discussed are still very valid in many businesses.  The subtitle for the book is “Using a Digital Nervous System”.

The book defines a “Digital Nervous System” as:

… the corporate, digital equivalent of the human nervous system, providing a well-integrated flow of information to the right part of the organization at the right time.

The insight of one of the most brilliant business minds(IMHO) alive is extraordinary.  The topics range from such large corporations like Microsoft to small mom and pop shops.  He includes the health care industry and the school systems.  Each of the topics is very thoroughly researched and each point is pounded through with excellent examples.  While reading this, I found myself taking a look at the information flow of the business that I work for and found many of his ideas that could be implemented.  Of course, getting approval to try them is another story.  Some people still are not ready for full integration with a digital world.  They are too secure with their physical records and such.

I fully recommend this book for anyone in a business environment.  Even if you cannot implement them company wide, there are plenty of things that can be scaled down to implement in your personal work structure.

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