Sphere gets official FeedFlare

Despite it’s rather peek-a-boo(now you see me now you don’t) opening performance today, Sphere got plenty of mentions and some are even calling it a Technorati killer.  Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a good look at it and am still sitting outside the curtains waiting for them to re-open.  From what I have seen, Sphere took the relevance and authority ranking and search algorithms and made some vast improvements.  Change that may be welcomed with open arms by many who feel that blog search engines like Technorati and IceRocket are too biased to links or not biased enough(respectively).

According to the website, the public grand opening will be sometime in the next few days after they put a few more finishing touches on. Already sites like Feedburner, the site that monkey’s with the feed here, have added quick and easy ways to use Sphere to find related items.  In Feedburner’s case, the ability to add a “Related Posts at Sphere” feedflare(pic below) to the feeds is already available and if your reading this in a feed reader, you may or may not see it at the end of this post.

feedburner sphere feedflare

It seems to appear only if there are related posts and as the site isn’t technically live yet, it may not appear at all until it is. I’m excited for it to go live and to give the tires a proverbial kick.  I’ve often said that Technorati is the king of blog search, but the heir to the throne may have arrived.

Sphere mentions elsewhere:

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