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Guy Kawasaki has admitted that he’s a adict to his technorati rankings.  Stowe did a bit of an experiment with his rankings.   Stowe is still climbing and rightfully so, I’ve added him back to my bloglines and most of the time I can overlook his self-universalness.  Of course he’s auctioning off his t-shirt wearing, so that just goes to show you, that if you get enough creds around the blogosphere, you can get anyone to pay you to do something like wear clothes.

So, Guy has climbed up to #46 in the t’rati rankings.  I wanna be up there too!  So here goes.  I’m hopefully only going to ask you all this once.  Link me up Scotty!  Right now, I have 214 links from 66 sites.  Can you get it to 100?  how bout 200?  Or maybe 2,388, the number to get me into the top 100?  Let’s see how far up we can link this blog!  Why?  Because we all like challenges, and chances are if I see a link coming in, I’ll start reading your blog too.  And I like to link the blogs I read.

While we are at it, I love Schwag! I won’t even make you pay like Stowe Boyd did!  Send all your schwag to me at:

Shane Ede

914 2nd ave ne

Jamestown, ND 58401

It won’t get nearly the exposure of anything you send to Stowe, but I’ll appreciate it just as much if not more.  Shirt size is xxxl.  Thanks!

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