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Any day now

Our last doctor’s appointment was quite nice.  The doctor told us that based on the babies movement and all the measurements and so forth that it could come at any time now.  It’s still a little weird and has a bit of a non-real feel sometimes.  Of course, now that the baby has grown a little, if I really need a dose of “this is real” I need merely to lay my hand on my wife’s stomach and feel him/her moving around and kicking at me.

Some days it seems like everything is ready.  That I am ready.  There will most certainly be somethings that we have forgotten, or simply didn’t know about.  That’s not that big of a deal.  We have made sure and gotten plenty of the essentials and even enough diapers to last at least a couple of weeks.  What I don’t believe that either one of us is truly ready for is the reality strike.  The strike that happens when you realize that, oh shit, I’m responsible for this little person.  I truly am not all that worried.  I think it will be more of an adjustment than anything.

Even so, the excitement that my wife and I share right now is so much more than it really has been throughout the first 9 months.  Soon we get to meet that little person.  If I disappear from here for a while, you’ll know why, but I really think that I’ll be sharing as often as possible.

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3 reasons why Microsoft should buy eBay

I touched upon it a little at SuperGeekBlog last week when it broke, but there have been rumors flying around lately about Microsoft being in talks with eBay about a potential buyout.  While I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there that can think of why this shouldn’t happen, I see 3 reasons why it would make sense for Microsoft.

  1. Paypal.  Microsoft’s Passport services went over like a lead balloon.  Integrating paypal payments and ebay feedback into the passport service could lend the added value to Passport to make it worth while to use.  Also, the ability to have your Passport/eBay feedback universally available at any website could add a lot of usage to the system.
  2. MSN Search.  Adding eBay/Paypal/Skype functionality might not fix MSN Search, but with only a few minor tweaks, each could be added.  Potentially, a boon for MSN search as eBay has a gigantic user base that could be routed into the floundering search engine.
  3. Skype integration.  Many of the tech-heads out there get a little squeamish when you talk about integrating Skype into Windows.  Integration into Media Player could make Media Player less of a trojan horse and people might just decide to download it.  Add the ability to integrate Skype into Windows and you’ve got an instant welcome addition to the Microsoft family.

Maybe you all think that I’m insane.  Maybe I am.  I still can’t say that I whole-heartedly believe that this is even a possibility, but it certainly is interesting to talk about.  If it becomes a reality, it would be the biggest deal so far in 2006 and I imagine that it would remain the most talked about.  As a commenter on my earlier post so kindly pointed out, eBay’s value sits around $48 Billion USD.  That would make this deal potentially well over $50 Billion USD.

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Microsoft to buy eBay? Maybe.

I’ve written a post over at SuperGeekBlog in reference to the NYPost article about the Microsoft/Ebay rumors. Perhaps I’ll try and elaborate on my comments and such here tomorrow, but it’s getting rather late and wanted to get this up so that those of you who don’t read SuperGeekBlog (you should) would catch wind of the rumors.

Read: 3 reasons why Microsoft should buy eBay.

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Habits of Semi-Effective ProBloggers

Darren challenged his readers to come up with group project of sorts. In writing a post about the “X habits of highly effective bloggers” he found that he found examples both for and against each habit. The challenge was then put forth to post what you believe are the habits of a highly effective blogger. Now, I am most certainly not a “ProBlogger” in the sense that I make my living from blogging. I am a “ProBlogger” in the sense that I do make some money from blogging. Barely enough to cover my hosting, but that is beside the point.

Darren started us all off by listing the habits he believes are conducive to highly effective blogging and now, I’m going to rattle off a few that I think are essential.

1) Organization – Organize your work path. Have a set order that you work in. I, for instance, open up bloglines and begin reading. As I read my feeds, I open up the ones that I am interested in blogging about or because of in new tabs(guess which browser I use). That isn’t to say that all of my blogging comes from this method, but a majority of blogging is participation in the conversation.

2) Participation – Your Blog is not a Pulpit. Participate in your comments and on the blogs of your fellow bloggers. The greatest bit about the blogosphere is that it is a worldwide conversation where you can be heard. If all you do is read, you can’t be read.

3) Expand your Horizons – Darren and other probloggers will be the first ones to tell you that you need to know your topic and stay on topic.  While those ideas are true, I find it enjoyable to have one site like this one in which I give myself free reign to post on whatever topic I so choose.  Most of the time, it follows my hobbies, but every once in a while something comes along that I feel I must write on and this is the best place for it.  I write a topic blog at A Penny Saved… and that one stays on the topic of Personal Finance and it’s related issues. Also, as you open yourself up to new ideas and expand your horizons, you just might stumble on a topic that you want to write on.

4) Write Pretty – I am constantly finding blogs whose authors are… shall we say less than gifted writers.  I’m not saying you need to be a Hemingway, but a basic grasp of your language would certainly be helpful. I’ll let a few spelling mistakes by here and there, and even a few grammar ones.  At some point it just becomes painful to read.

5) Enjoy yourself – If you really want to be a ProBlogger, it has to be the job that you love going to each and every day.  If it’s just another way to make a paycheck, you’ll end up being in the 50%+ that stops completely after 3 months.  If you’re going to write on a topic, make sure it’s a topic that you enjoy writing and learning about.

It’s not exactly 10 habits, and they are somewhat condensed.  The title of this post is Habits of Semi-Effective bloggers because I don’t think that I qualify to speak about highly-effective blogging.  Maybe someday.

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