Back in town and 250

We managed to get back home at about 12:30 Thursday morning. It was 98 degrees F in San Antonio when we left and 38 degrees F here when we got back. I’m not sure if it was that or just some random fluke, but I managed to bring back one heck of a cold. Between that and the extra work that comes along with not being at work for 3.5 days, it looks like I won’t get the chance to fill y’all (it’s a Texas thing) in on the trip. I also have some pictures that I will most likely throw up in a Flickr stream and maybe even throw a couple in here as well. Aside from the heat, humidity, and coming home with a cold, it was a great trip.

P.S. Bet your wondering what the heck 250 has to do with the trip?  The answer is that one has very little to do with the other except to say that this post is post number 250 to grace this fine page.  Congrats to me!

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