Because traffic is Money

Most of us who run websites do so because we want to learn about something and share what we have learned. It’s also a really easy way to communicate with like-minded people. It can sometimes even be profitable. Steve Pavlina, who runs the aptly named blog, claims he makes nearly $2000 $200 a day on his site. Claim Schmaim you say? Well, there’s a 7000+ word essay that explains how he does it. He doesn’t give away all of his secrets of course, or any of his stats to prove it, but it’s an interesting read.

Most importantly, he goes over the different methods that he uses to optimize his site for the different revenue streams along with different ways to bring in more traffic. Because traffic is money.

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  1. $200 a day, not $2000 😉

  2. Thatedeguy says

    oops! Thanks for the heads up.