Bloggrrr goes live – somebody’s watching you

“Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me…”

Sorry.  The second I saw the tagline on Bloggrrr, the song starts running through my head.  So, if it didn’t for you, well, now it should.

In any case, Bloggrrr is live.  I signed up to be notified when it went live some time ago without really knowing what it really was.  Mostly because they wouldn’t say what it really was.  Now that it’s live, I can clearly see that it’s a voting system for blogs.  You register your site and it gives you code for a little widget (like the one to the bottom left of my site) with three options for voting for your site.  The options are:

  1. Grrreat!
  2. Borrring!
  3. Crrrap!

Anyone else tired of the “rrr” thing already?  I suppose it gives them a little bit of identity.  I’ve added the widget to my sidebar and please feel free to vote as you see fit.  This early in the game I’m ranked 45 overall and 6 in the USA.  Obviously not much use. 😉

I think the idea is a potentially sound one.  We bloggers are well known for our bloated ego’s.  The one problem I see with it at the moment is the lack of depth.  There’s nothing else to it.  People vote for my site, Bloggrrr records their vote and ranks me accordingly.  That’s it.  There’s nothing else.  I can sort the ranks by country and language, but that’s it.  I can think of several functionalities that could have been built into this.  Most of them are already done by Technorati, but the ranking system is a little different here.  Skewed in it’s own way, therefore different from technorati.

Give Bloggrrr a test drive.  Vote for the sites you see with the widget.  I’m going to see how it works for a while and maybe see if they add any other function to the site.  Maybe if I like what I see, I’ll add it on at A penny saved…

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