Ebay Success, here I come

Well, maybe.  My wife and I have been selling actively on Ebay for about a year now and have finally made the move to a Ebay Store.  This will give us the ability to list a greater quantity of items for a greater amount of time and hopefully help with our sell through rate.  Currently, our sell through rate is in a sad range of about 30% and at that rate the ebay fees for keeping things listed and relisted was eating up way too much of the profit.

With an Ebay store, I pay $15.95 a month and $0.03 a listing.  Each listing lasts for 30 days.  Each listing is also only listed as a BIN, or Buy it Now listing, with the Best Offer feature turned on.  This gives us the ability to hopefully make a little more money on each item that sells and at the same time, let our customers haggle with us a little.

If you’d like to take a look, you can visit http://stores.ebay.com/Thatedeguy

So, here’s to Ebay Success!

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