Hydrogen crackdown or Crackhead publicity stunt?

It hit digg on Friday.  A company called United Nuclear seems to have plenty of pictures and descriptions of a DIY Hydrogen switch over kit for you car.  Only problem is that, according to their website, the government raided their facilities and took all their computers and documents.

At first, it seems like the government is out to get anyone that might present a alternative to the bloated oil energy solutions that we have now. Upon a closer look, however, they turn out to be just shady enough to lend very little credence to their claims.  A quick look at their “scientific supply” shows very little inventory and a rather obvious link entitled “Looking for some Uranium?”. Following that link leads us to a nice list of the different levels of radiation that they sell.

Further looking turns up that the company was founded by a Bob Lazar.  According to Wikipedia, he seems to be a regular Crackpot.  Various claims about UFO’s and other scientific things, none of which seem remotely plausible.

Taken in whole, it seems like yet another publicity stunt aimed at getting a few weblinks (which I obliged).

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  1. Tom Simpson says

    He’s obviously a complete crackpot. Anybody that designs a website with white text on a black background has got to be nuts!

    Seriously, though, I saw one of his interviews, last week on a doc on NatGeo (something about Area 51). He seemed like a “super-nerd” looking to get some attention. The picture that they painted of him closely resembles the description on Wikipedia.

    I watched it and virtually forgot it… now I hear about this.