New project

Well, I guess the proverbial cat is out of the bag. Tom and I have put our collective heads together and are working on a new project. It’s pretty stealth at the moment, but we’re looking to focus much closer to home than we do with most of the sites that we have currently. The idea is to create a nice community site. I don’t want to give much more away and I won’t link it just yet. Not that a link would do anygood right now as all that there is is a one page picture. 😉

I’ve worked with Jake and Brady on Supergeek for going on a year, and with them and Joseph on Distro of the month for just a hair over a year, so I figured it was about time to start something with someone else. Variety is the spice of life. 😉

Keep your eyes open for some more hints as Tom and I formulate more and more ideas and start making them a little more real.

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  1. Northern_Girl says

    Hey – this is a great idea. A lot like what After 5 is trying to do…I have some ideas – can we visit?

  2. Thatedeguy says

    Well… actual visiting might be a little tough until after the 15th. I’m leaving for San Antonio tomorrow morning and won’t be back until late wednesday. Then it’s catch up time the rest of the week. 😉 However, if you want to drop me an email, we can try that way or we can try and get together when I return from Texas.


  1. […] Traci, if you manage to find this post somehow, I completely agree with most of what you said.  I think you’d be a great addition as a user at the new site that Tom and I are working on.  Unfortunately, I do not have a MySpace account.  If you’d like, leave a comment here and I can pull your email and send you the link for the site.  I also know a few people who do have MySpace accounts, and maybe I’ll try and get one of them to message it to you. […]