On TechCrunch and Redesigns

Ok, I noticed the new TechCrunch design.  I don’t think it’s all that bad, but I didn’t think it was horrible to begin with anyways.  I also noticed the 50k+ users meme where everyone seems to think that if you can get over 50k users right off the get go, then you might just have something.  Well, let me tell you from experience that if your idea gets any users, you have something.  Just because it isn’t going to be google or yahoo’s next big buy doesn’t mean it isn’t something.  That said, lets get back to the design.

I’m not going to go to the trouble of adding a whole bunch of links about the subject, because chances are that you’ve already read them all and there’s no need pointing you back to the same ol’ stuff.  What I will point you too are this post on CrunchNotes and this post on Cre8d Design.   Now, one leads to the other, or is it the other way.  Nevertheless, It seems that Rachel at Cre8d Design took a little offense to the post on CrunchNotes and, I’m guessing here, some things that went on behind the scenes.

I think that several things may have lead up to this.  I can understand Mike’s POV here in that it’s his baby and he wants to revamp the design, but if he wasn’t happy with the work Rachel did, he should have said something.  Perhaps she was working from a design sketch that Mike did? I dunno.  What is important is that obviously somebody handled this all wrong.  What I find even funnier is that I really don’t see all that much difference between the design that Rachel did and the one that Jeremy Baines did that got posted on CrunchNotes.  Little less green I suppose.  Which might be a good thing.

I really think that TechCrunch is probably on it’s way down the hill.  The Web2.0 momentum is beginning to slow and as a result, there is less news for Mike to cover.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of gas left in TechCrunch and Web2.0, but I just don’t believe that TechCrunch will have the clout that it’s grown accustomed to.  Fickle is the mistress.

Subscribers have dropped nearly 10,000 since the 50k+ meme and the redesign.  That’s a big swing.  I’m hoping that most of Mike’s ads on TechCrunch are not based on clicks, because a 10k drop in readers could make for a pretty good drop in income.   Which do you think caused more loss of readers?  Was it the redesign?  Or was it the meme?

Can a sites readership really be used as a standard?  What happens to that standard when the standard changes so drastically in less than a week?  Not a very standard standard anymore is it?  Personally, I think that the drop in readership was a combination of both the blogosphere’s rebellion against the standard and a reaction to the change in design.

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