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Now that I’m back and have had a little time to get back to normal (still got the cold) I think I can share a little of the trip. We flew down early Saturday morning, arrived about 5 pm. First place we head after checking in to the Marriott Rivercenter is down to the Riverwalk for some food.

If you ever get into the San Antonio area, you must make every effort to visit the Riverwalk at least once. The concept itself is amazing and with all the shops and restaurants about, it makes for a one stop destination for a night or two in San Antonio.

San Antonio Riverwalkriverwalkfalls

Once at the Riverwalk, try and make your way over to County Line BBQ. I had the King Rib platter. It comes with a half rack of Beef Ribs and a half rack of Baby Back pork ribs. The beef ribs were a little tough, but the baby backs were the best I’ve ever had. I’ve even thought about having them ship some out to me. And yes, they do ship. Also, if you’re in the mood for some good seafood, try out Landry’s Steak and Seafood. It’s a little on the spendy side for a North Dakota boy, but most of you from a larger city probably would think the prices average. A generous portion of shrimp and fish was $23.95. The King Rib platter at County line in comparison was only $17.95.

Enough about the food, How bout the rest of San Antonio?

Of course the main attraction of San Antonio is it’s storied history. There’s plenty of it, but the most famous is the Alamo.


And if you’ve never seen it, it’s worth taking a look at least once. I went twice. Once during the day for the inside and again at night while wandering the streets.

Alamo at Night

There was also plenty of architecturally wonderful sights as well.

dillards building texas flag building

redflowerchapel orange flame

Of course there are plenty of night spots as well. I went in to say that I had been.
coyote ugly signThere are also a Hardrock, Rainforest cafe, and quite a few local and regional hot spots. On Sunday we wandered downtown San Antonio for about 3 hours and stopped in at a bar called Shadows. It happened to be during the San Antonio Spurs first game of the second round of the NBA playoffs, so there were plenty of locals about watching and cheering. It was nice to not be around all the touristy places.

The trip was great.  Everything we ended up wanting to do was withing walking distance, so we saved a bunch on gas.  Downside to that was the heat.  When we arrived, it was only about 85 degrees, but the humidity was very high.  It was like walking into a sauna.  It dried out a little as the trip progressed, but as it dried out, it also got hotter.  When we left San Antonio at 5 pm, it was 98 degrees.  At that temperature, even the breeze is hot.  If you ever make it down there, make sure and pack plenty of shorts.

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