Traci or Why MySpace Sucks

I use technorati rather regularly.  One of the searches that I have is for the town that I live in, Jamestown, ND.  At the top of the list today was a post by Traci on MySpace, venting a little steam about some things going on in Jamestown.  Wanna know what happens next?  I try and leave a comment to her post.  No Go.  You must login to post a comment.  I don’t have a MySpace account.  I don’t want one.  The last thing I need is to have another login and password to remember.  And why would I want to claim one of those asthetically unpleasing sites in the first place?

Next I see a link to message Traci.  Nope.  You must login.  Instant Message?  Nope.  Guess why.  MySpace Sucks.

Traci, if you manage to find this post somehow, I completely agree with most of what you said.  I think you’d be a great addition as a user at the new site that Tom and I are working on.  Unfortunately, I do not have a MySpace account.  If you’d like, leave a comment here and I can pull your email and send you the link for the site.  I also know a few people who do have MySpace accounts, and maybe I’ll try and get one of them to message it to you.

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  1. Jake and I both put comments on her post about the whole situation. Sounds exactly like every experience I’ve heard about with the city council. If you guys haven’t approached them yet for anything business related, I strongly recommend getting to know someone on it first less the whole experience be pointless… like I said its an inside club.

  2. Thanks for the comment….I’m sorry you were unable to comment on my site. I wrote that post for myself mainly to vent about a newspaper ad I had seen that day. I was totally surprised with the reaction and comments I received from other people. I am glad I’m not the only one who notices the changes that need to be made with Jamestown. Thanks again for taking the time to do this….Later….Traci