Apple gets hit with attack code

Firstly, let me give all you Apple fanboys out there a great big I TOLD YOU SO!

As Apple joins the corp’s of Intel based OS’s, they will become more and more succeptable to these types of codes.  Yes, they have a slightly more stable core than Windows.  Yes, Windows still is getting attacked more often than Apple OS X.  But you mark my words.  Apple will increasingly be attacked.  The more mainstream it becomes the worse it will get.  Linux would have the same problem, its just that it hasn’t shared as much limelight as Apple and Windows have.

Now, to Apple’s credit, they seem to have released an update that fixes the problem on the same day that the exploit was released.  Way to go.   Now get back to work, you’re going to have to release these more frequently now…

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  1. Is that why they say windows sucks? lol
    they all have some problems. Lets see how many good ones are still out there?