Connor – Week 1

Connor SleepingConnor,

One week ago Monday I watched as you came into this world. In a fraction of a second, my world changed entirely. Nearly everything I had planned for the future changed instantly. It’s amazing to me how much of a miracle it is to watch your children being born. I sincerly hope that you are afforded that chance someday. Just not for another 20+ years, I hope.

It’s a big scary world out here. I fear that I will not be able to do enough to protect you from it’s evils. At the same time, I refuse to shelter you too much either. You should know a hardship or two. It builds character. You will think me harsh to say that, but it truly does. I dearly want to teach you to avoid those hardships, but I realize that you will want to do things your own way sometimes and that will lead to mistakes. But I will sincerely try and teach you the lessons that I learned from my mistakes.

connor towelEach and every day since you have been born has been a learning experience for your mother and I.  You are truly a blessing and even though you wake us up in the middle of the night and refuse to sleep when you should, we wouldn’t want to be without you.

You’re mother and I love you dearly and we’ve only just met.



P.S. I know it’s just a time for being cold now, but bathtime will get more fun later!

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  1. Terry Ede (grandpa!) says

    What a cute kid! Looks like he takes after his grandpa. Shane, there is no parent alive more proud of their son than I am of you. You have become a good man! We love you and Ann very much. I have not met my little Connor yet, but he has a special place in our hearts as well. See you soon, Dad and Dani.