Ebay to do blogs, wiki, tagging

Steve Rubel found an interesting article at auctionbytes that has some evidence that eBay will be unleashing blogs, wikis, and search tags at eBay live in Las Vegas later this month.  While it certainly is not too little, is it too late?  Or right on time?

Appearantly, the blogs will all run off of typepad.  My personal preference would have been wordpress as that is what I am most used to, but it should be interesting to try another platform.  Each blog will be located at http://blogs.ebay.com/userID

I’m hoping that the wiki’s take the place of some of the community boards.  I set place to go and look for something rather than having to sort through whatever is the topic of the day.  I’m not at all excited about the tagging just yet.  The way it sounds, they will only be used for searching within the blogs.  Well, whoopety-doo!

Overall, I think that eBay may be a little late to the party, but at the moment the party is still going strong.  The addition of blogs, wiki’s and tagging should cement eBay’s position among the giants and could possibly improve eBay’s standing among more socially networked sites.

I’m also a little excited by the possibilities for usage of these new tools for promotion of one’s auctions and ebay store.

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  1. i’m starting up my e-bay store soon, soo this will be pretty good timing for me:)

  2. Like they don’t already have great SERPs, now they are just trying to improve them more.