No more raises for Congress

Democrats in Congress vowed to block any pay raises for members of congress until something is done with the minimum wage.

All the more reason to vote all those silly bastards out of office.  Raising the minimum wage will only make a bunch of higher paid people who still cannot pay for gas.  Not only that, but raising the minimum wage would in effect raise the price of most every other consumable.  Someone, somewhere has to make that item.  They get paid minimum wage.  Add $1 an hour to the minimum wage and you add $1 to the bottom line of the company for that item.  They pass that on to you!

I say we vow to block all minimum wage increases and in doing so, we block all raises for members of congress.  Think of the money that we will save!

Of course, we would have to let Abramoff go so our fine Congressmen can start earning some real money again. (I’m only slightly kidding here.)

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