Office 2007: Test Drive or Online Office Test

Microsoft announced yesterday that people could “Test Drive” the new Office 2007 beta online.  With all the changes that are purported to have taken place in the newest version of Microsoft’s Office suite, this could be one heck of a marketing device.

Or is it…

Google just bought Writely.  Google just released Spreadsheet.

Could it bee that MS is testing an online Office suite?  Seems to me that a “Test Drive” gimmick is a great way to test the load on the system for future use.  And obviously, most of the features are usable in the “Test Drive” so why not.  Microsoft just might be tipping it’s hand a little to see what Google, Yahoo, and the like do in response.   And they just might be testing the waters to see how well an online version of Office would stand up to the pressure.

With all the announcements that MS has made lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if a much bigger announcement were made about this later this summer.

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