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I recently opened an eBay store and have been playing around with the many different settings that I can use for my auction and store listings.  One of the most interesting to me is the “Best Offer” option.  Basically, the option allows a buyer to make an offer on a fixed price auction or store listing.  Of course, it has to be turned on by the seller.

I’m a little surprised that more sellers aren’t using this option on all of their possible items.  I’m also a little surprised that more buyers aren’t making offers.  From a seller standpoint, if I don’t like the offer, I can reject it.  Honestly, though, no reasonable offer will be refused.  The key word there is “reasonable”.  Offering a penny for something that would retail for $49.99 is NOT reasonable.  Offering $25 for it might be though.  Depends on my bottom line for that particular product.

From a buyer’s standpoint, it could be a very useful tool.  With the popularity of bid sniping and unreasonable shipping, making an offer might just be a viable option.  You still get a deal and you get the satisfaction of naming your price and you don’t have to worry about being sniped.  Of course, someone can still put in a higher offer than you, but on most items that won’t happen.

Has any one else out there in the ether had any experience with the “best offer” option on eBay?  Good? Bad?  Otherwise?  I’d love to hear some stories.  You can leave a comment or trackback.

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