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Buy Ken Jennings Head!

You remember him don’t you?  He’s the worlds grand champion of Jeopardy!  The one who was literally on the show for the better half of 2004.  First to win over a million, etc, etc, etc…

Well it seems that Ken has a bit of a quandry on his hands.  He’s become a bit of a minor celebrity and as such, a local group created a rather large foam representation of his head(It measures about 40″ x 40″ x 45″).  Where’s the problem you ask?  Well, they gave it to him after the parade and it’s been sitting in his garage ever since.  Still don’t see the problem?  Who wouldn’t want a large foam head in their garage.  Especially if it looked like oneself.

Well, someone who is moving a great distance might not want it.  And Ken is moving.  So, if you’ve ever had a hankering to own a large foam representation of Ken Jennings head, he’s auctioning it off on ebay.  The bidding starts at $10 and 100% of the proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society.

Check out the Auction!

It’s for a good cause, and could be a true piece of trivia tv history.  Well, it’s for a good cause at least.

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John McCain guestblogs on Porkbusters

Senator John McCain appearantly dropped off a letter to the people who run PorkBusters. In the letter he rants a little against his party, saying that they deserve to lose their majority. He then goes on to rant a little longer on “Earmarks” and the seems to call for support on the Line Item Veto.

Let me use last year’s highway bill to illustrate how the practice of earmarking has grown and become such a tempting target for abuse. In 1987, President Reagan vetoed a highway bill because it was ten billion dollars over his budget, and contained over a hundred earmarks. He remarked at the time of his veto that he hadn’t seen that much pork since he had “handed out blue ribbons at the Iowa State Fair.” The highway bill we passed last year, and which the President signed into law, was twelve billion dollars over his request, and contained 6,731 earmarks, which included the now infamous “bridge to nowhere.”

While I’ll be the first to agree that the “Earmarks”, or Pork, needs to be eliminated, the Line Item Veto is most certainly the wrong way to go about it. What we need is for the Congressmen to be held responsible for overspending the budget. Get rid of the pork. If the congressmen’s states need these items so badly, raise taxes in the state to do it. If the people of the state want it or need it so badly, let them pay for it.

Let me say that there are states like my own(North Dakota) and Montana who have high ratios of miles of Federal Highway to population and the Federal Government should still be in charge of the maintenance of those. But we don’t need the help with our county roads. We don’t need the subsidies of the farming community. Make it a little less easy and you’ll find that many of the things the people claim they “need” will become things that they merely “want”.

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No more raises for Congress

Democrats in Congress vowed to block any pay raises for members of congress until something is done with the minimum wage.

All the more reason to vote all those silly bastards out of office.  Raising the minimum wage will only make a bunch of higher paid people who still cannot pay for gas.  Not only that, but raising the minimum wage would in effect raise the price of most every other consumable.  Someone, somewhere has to make that item.  They get paid minimum wage.  Add $1 an hour to the minimum wage and you add $1 to the bottom line of the company for that item.  They pass that on to you!

I say we vow to block all minimum wage increases and in doing so, we block all raises for members of congress.  Think of the money that we will save!

Of course, we would have to let Abramoff go so our fine Congressmen can start earning some real money again. (I’m only slightly kidding here.)

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Review: The Expectant Father

The Expectant FatherThe Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-be

By Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash

Much like any other expectant parents, my wife and I purchased as much material as we could to learn about our pregnancy and the upcoming 9 months. Like many fathers, I assume, I found most of the books and other reading material that is widely available to be aimed more at the expectant mother than the expectant father. Enter Armin Brott and “The Expectant Father“.

I found the book to be chock full of insight and advice from an expectant father’s point of view. Each chapter has a section on what your wife is going through both physically and emotionally, what’s going on with the baby and what you are going through as the expectant father.

Obviously, the section on what the expectant father is going through takes up most of each chapter. I found the writing easy to understand and most of the tips and advice were very good. I found as I read along that some of the advice and information was slightly dated, but since the edition that I had was 11 years old, that was to be expected. Even with some dated information, however, it was well worth the money. Being able to read along as the months rolled by and understand a little better what was going on and have some tips and advice on how to deal with what both my wife and I were going through was very helpful.

If you’re an expectant father, pick up this book or one like it. You’ll thank me.

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