Review: The Expectant Father

The Expectant FatherThe Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-be

By Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash

Much like any other expectant parents, my wife and I purchased as much material as we could to learn about our pregnancy and the upcoming 9 months. Like many fathers, I assume, I found most of the books and other reading material that is widely available to be aimed more at the expectant mother than the expectant father. Enter Armin Brott and “The Expectant Father“.

I found the book to be chock full of insight and advice from an expectant father’s point of view. Each chapter has a section on what your wife is going through both physically and emotionally, what’s going on with the baby and what you are going through as the expectant father.

Obviously, the section on what the expectant father is going through takes up most of each chapter. I found the writing easy to understand and most of the tips and advice were very good. I found as I read along that some of the advice and information was slightly dated, but since the edition that I had was 11 years old, that was to be expected. Even with some dated information, however, it was well worth the money. Being able to read along as the months rolled by and understand a little better what was going on and have some tips and advice on how to deal with what both my wife and I were going through was very helpful.

If you’re an expectant father, pick up this book or one like it. You’ll thank me.

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  1. Very good idea of a book! Fathers are hard to handle with.. Mostly..moms take care of their children..why wouldn’t they do the same?! And a good job! Hope men will buy the book..especially the ones expecting children..

    *Editors note: The name and URL of this comment have been changed as they were beyond spammy. The comment is nice though.