TechMeme gets Hacked!

Socially that is.  Seems Chris Pirillo and a few others at Gnomedex to have a little “social experiment” with TechMeme.  I have to admit, it is slightly funny in a High School prank kinda way.

Of course on the other hand, it has potential to undermine the reliability of TechMeme.  It also should serve as a reminder to all of us that TechMeme is not the end-all of sources.  It is what it is.  Merely a aggregation of some of the more popular bloggers and blogs in the tech field.  I still check it regularly, but exclusivity precludes it from being my main source of information.  I prefer my bloglines for that.  Sure, it’s still exclusive because it’s only certain blogs, but I have control over what blogs I read.  I’m not depending on the whims of a bunch of bloggers at a conference who take it upon themselves to point TechMeme in one direction.

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