A big thanks to Jake at for making me the Blog of the Week.  He’s begun using a publication schedule over there and if he truly sticks with it, he might have something.

Another big thanks to Northern Girl at Whaling Season for her kind words and kinder gifts.  Handmade is always better.  There’s something about it that warms the heart.

Thanks you guys!

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  1. Thanks for the Kudos ede. I am finding that the Publication Schedule is doing a few different things for me.

    1) Gives me direction.. so I am not just going “lalala there is nothing to post about today.”
    2) Gives me incentive – I said I would post about this, so I will post about this.
    3) Gives people more reasons to come back. (I haven’t proven this yet, but I hope.)
    4) Brings in some of my newspaper training, forcing me to actually spend a little more time writing, reviewing, etc before I do a post.

    Once again – right now, it is just a theory. We need to sit and watch if I hold to it, but it has worked so far…