Why Colleges and Universities should encourage faculty blogging

It seems that everyone is pushing businesses and their management to jump into the blogosphere.  They push it as a great communication venue between the corporate world and the consumer.  And also between the corporate world and the shareholder.  I think it’s a great idea.  I would caution that the picture painted on corporate blogs is usually a much rosier version than reality, but taken with a grain of salt, it’s a great idea.

An even better idea would be for Colleges and Universities to set up blogs for each of their faculty and management.  For nearly the same purposes as given for businesses.  It would be a great connection between institution and student, institution and parent, and a potentially great PR venue.

But that’s not really why I want Colleges and Universities to set up blogs.  The real reason that I want them to set up these blogs is because it has amazing capabilities for desimination of knowledge.  There are faculty members across this great globe that have a greater knowledge than I.  There are faculty in other countries than mine who are experts in their fields.

Imagine the connectivity between experts that could be made through something as easy to use as a blog.  Imagine being a professor and being given the ability to express your opinion on things going on around the world publicly and freely.  And being encouraged to do so.

Perhaps there are some faculty and staff who already have blogs.  But that number is far less than it could be.  I still remember when the internet was called the “Information Superhighway”.  To some extent it still is, but why not add a greater number of wise and knowledgable people to that highway.  If we increase the good in the internet, the bad becomes less.  The ratio changes.

Who’s with me?  Anyone want to write the book? Robert Scoble‘s already got one under his belt. Maybe one more wouldn’t hurt. Let the era of the edublog begin.

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