Benz SLR 722, Can you say DAMN!

Benz SLR 772I have to admit right away that I’m really not much of a car nut. I can tool around a little under the hood of most cars, but when it gets to the point of some of the more technical stuff, I bail.

Benz SLR 772What I really, really like is a well styled car. And this thing is amazing. 0-62 in 3.6, 124mpg in 10.2 and a max speed of 209. Can you say Damn. That car has nuts.

I can’t seem to find any price range for the thing, but I can’t imagine that it would go for less than $100k. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe they’ll take my 2002 Alero in on trade? Straight up? Didn’t think so.

There are 4 times as many pics of this hot machine over at left lane news. Take a peek. It’s got a pretty nice cockpit as well. I say cockpit, cause that’s really what it looks like. It looks like it would cradle you to no end.


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